T-minus 4 days…

So, in four days, yep four days because it’s after midnight, I’ll be hopping on a plane to Spain! Yay, happiness. 😀

I came up with the brilliant idea of starting a blog so my marvelous adventures can be read by the entire world (a.k.a. the few people who want to boost my self esteem and the one random creeper who’ll find this while searching for porn). Not only can I have an awesome digital record of my fun times, but y’all back in the States can monitor this and go into super-mega-panic mode if I don’t post for two days–call the cops, kidnapping!

I’m going to be flying into Madrid, plan to explore there, meander over to Bar(th)elona, look for cool little towns, beaches, museums, etc. I’m considering popping over the border to France, and possibly Italy because my amazing and wonderful friend Laura should be there and I can invade her home and mooch–I mean, visit her.  School starts on the 29th, so I’ll be aiming to get to Oviedo, a Eugene-sized town in the north of Spain, by then. I have a host family awaiting me, as well as a group of other students with which to bond. Hopefully, I’ll be all tanned and bilingual when I get to the point of actually starting school.

So, if anyone knows of a good spot in Spain to explore and visit, perhaps a beautiful beach (hint hint Jake), suggestions are welcome. I’m gonna go with the flow and not have a set in stone itinerary.

Anyways, I’m chilling at the parentals’, attempting to pack. See, I’m female, so it’s instinctive for me to pack enough clothes to outfit a small town. Unfortunately, I will be living out my backpack so space is limited. I’m heading up to Ptown manana to hang with my sissy till departure time (such are the joys of leases ending–I am effectively homeless right now).

Let the adventure begin and stay posted for airline problems! Knowing my luck, there will be terrorists.


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