Traffic Jams, Bacon Doughnuts, and First Downs

So I’m in Portland, enjoying the gentle sounds of the night: the melodious train whistle, the boom of fireworks, and the screams of tweakers. And I also must complain about the Ducks’  failure at Boise. Damn, couldn’t they win the only game I’ll actually be in the country for?!

I’m getting up at 5:00 a.m. because I am too nice for my own good and don’t like my friends to get harassed and kidnapped from spending the night in the PDX airport. Shudders… I mean, I just got a doughnut tonight and had to deal with a stoner trying to scam me for a dollar, a drunk old guy offering to buy me a beer, and a group of drunk-as-hell teenagers falling over as they flagged down a taxi. Hell if I’m letting Hope spend the night with these Portlanders 🙂

Disclaimer: I love Portland and all the weirdos in this town. I have the time of my life wandering around downtown at night and stopping by Voodoo Doughnut.


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