Murphy’s Law as it Applies to Airplanes

Nothing can ever go right when dealing with airlines.

My flight out of PDX was delayed about 40 minutes. For those of you unfamiliar with airline fun and games, that’s usually just enough lateness to screw over half the passengers, who now need to find other flights to get where they’re going. I was paranoid and had a long layover in Chicago, so I’m still on schedule at this point. Thank you God!

Bonded with some guys over our mutual hatred for the incompetence of airlines. As one put it, it’s not the problems that piss us off, it’s the stupid way they handle them. Screechy intercom: the plane is broken. Ok, let’s have more than one person around to assist the passengers. If you know things are gonna go wrong, why isn’t there a better system in place to deal with the angry mobs?

I try to have an attitude of exasperated amusement when dealing with the inevitable screw-ups. Oh well if they lose my luggage and I have to wear the same underwear (crap I knew I forgot to put something in my carry-on) for three days. When I miss a connection or three due to mechanical error, well, I’d rather they figure out there’s a problem before my ass is hovering at 30,000 feet.

Stay tuned to see what goes wrong on the next plane. (7:27 Chicago Time, hovering over a thick fluffy cloud)

Well nothing big went wrong, though I almost missed getting on my connection at Chicago cause I was sitting at the wrong gate. Yeah, y’all can laugh at me. The long ass flight over the Atlantic involved me watching too many movies. X-men Wolverine, hells yes for Hugh Jackman! Right now I’m sitting in Copenhagen, wondering how people understand Scandanavian languages; sounds like gargling. I’m gonna be in Madrid in like 4ish hours!!

And now here comes my pathetic plea: come on people, start leaving me comments. I feel so unloved.


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