Last night I walked in on my roommates…

They were doing push-ups in the middle of the floor. Ha, gotcha! Well, Dom was doing push-ups; Elle and Emma were kinda failing, even at girly ones 🙂 They invited me on a “walking tour” of historic Madrid for the next day.

It was about 2-3 miles total, on a day that was 90 degrees. Brilliant, right? Well I got tons of pics, and we explored a couple awesome areas, like ancient cathedrals and the Palacio Real–Royal Palace! Yay for student discounts! Sadly for y’all, they banned cameras, and I didn’t feel like getting thrown out by the burly women guards; aka, no pics of the inside of the castle.

I also had to act as translator today, as my darling British buds know how to say “hola”, “gracias”  (and Dom knows “te quiero”…we’ll see if he can actually pronounce it well enough to hit on anyone) and that’s it. At least I can form sentences and have a pasable accent; made me feel good about myself 🙂

We got an awesome lunch at a cafe–paella y fried sardines w/ beer and flan! Yeah, it was a little weird, but good. And then I got my caffeine fix at…STARBUCKS! Yeah, they’re everywhere–no Dutch Bros yet, sad. Apparently in Europe their coffee doesn’t suck as bad though.

I’m gonna change hostels tomorrow; Pop’s been cool, but I wanna mix it up (and not have to take the metro everywhere). And I’m pretty sure I need to fix my stupid debit card, as it’s only working sporadically. Still, ATMs are my friend and as long as they give me Euros, I am happy.
Quote of the Day:

“Dom, if you went around saying ‘Te Quiero’ to everyone in Oregon, you’d get punched in the face”
“That’s because Americans are all homophobic”

Yawn, I’m gonna take a late siesta, or at least Facebook and chill in front of the TV. And then, it’s off to the bars! Will update later tonight if I can type straight, lol.


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