Madrid: Day Uno

My room was ridiculously hot and gross when I woke up–which was about 6 a.m. I snagged my free breakfast at the Hostel and headed out into the city, looking for fun and photo opps.

Madrid doesn’t really wake up until after 9, apparently. Everyone was sweeping outside their closed shops, but nothing was open. But it’s so cool. All the streets and buildings are tightly packed, which means I could just see a sliver of the sky. I just wandered, looking at everything. I doubt I blend in that well, because all the women were wearing heels, not tennis shoes. And my darker skin and hair don’t matter, because half the city is blond anyways.I mainly just wandered, especially through the Retiro park, which is huge and really pretty. I felt more at home once I had some trees 🙂

Grabbed lunch and took the metro back to my hostel, but was delayed by superfriendly French guy. Apparently not speaking English and being oblivious to I’m-not-interested vibes are synonymous. I crashed about 3 pm, planning on avoiding more of the heat and sampling the custom of “la siesta” Unfortunately, my lack of a watch meant I did not wake up till 7!

Went to a salsa club and immediately made an idiot of myself. I love dancing, but it’s hard when they actually expect you to know steps and specific things! Still it was fun and I got better, though apparently I need to practice for 2 years to be as good as the chica in the red dress 🙂 Gracias to Miguel for taking me, and for the ride; driving in Madrid is nuts–the streets are barely wide enough to fit the car!

I couldn’t sleep when I got back, so I camped out in the TV room to read, but unbeknownst to me, the Argentina-Parguay soccer game was on. Cue the 10 hispanic people in the hostel. But I got free entertainment and chips.


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