Como se dice TGIF en espanol?

Went out dancing last night and though I got back by 2 am, I was the only one in my 8 person dorm until at least 4! Now listen to me complain: I drank espresso so I couldn’t sleep. Ergo, at 3 am I attempted to go to bed. At 4 I was still sorta awake. I did fall into beautiful sleep, only to be woken by the melodious noises of drunk French roommates, at 7 am. I gave up and got up–lovely way to start the day!

Changed hostels, which was harder than it should have been because I got lost. Ha! How impressive. But I saw awesome paintings at la Reina Sofia–La Guernica, hells yes! Actually, I got into that museum for free, cause i’m special, and promptly spent most of the day there.

I swear if this heat wave doesn’t break…Actually I’m enjoying everything but the fact that it makes my very small wardrobe nasty and sweaty.

Oh, I also managed to lose my power adapter. Luckily my roommate is super nice (thanks Jolie) and let me borrow hers until I track it down. Damn, must go waste time and go back to Pop Hostel.


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