Woke up at 10 today, which is impressive cause we stayed up till 5-6 last night. Just went to bars, and got kicked out when they closed down, and migrated all around the area. Made friends with two Swedish guys on a roadtrip to Ireland. I also determined that Spanish Coke isn’t as bubbly as American.

Unlike my roomies, I have no responsibilities, so I went shopping today! The entire time my magpie tendencies were at war with my brain.

-Shiny! Pretty! Mine!

-No! You can’t afford that. You need to save your money.


Suffice to say the shopping here is incredible. I was good, didn’t get anything, but that cannot last forever as I need more pretty clothes for going out.

I am getting the hang of this Spanish thing (a little). I even helped this poor confused tourist order at Pans and Co (think Quiznos with more pork products). I’m personally too vain to look like an obvious tourist: no burmudas, baseball caps, big backpacks, or look of confusion on my face.

For those of you who care (aka the female readers) fashion here is hella cool. People always dress up (by our standards). My jean shorts are very incongruous; girls wear pants, skirts, and dresses. I have also had to recalibrate my gaydar, as metro guys are everywhere. Shoes are amazing, and I went into some 20-odd “zapaterias” today looking for a cute cheap pair to wear instead of my flip-flops (apparently they’re for the beach 🙂 How the hell these women walk on cobblestones all day in heels is beyond me, but I’m going to use “different social dress code” as my excuse to buy lots of shoes.

The plan is to get on the bus to Granada tomorrow–should take about 5 hours. I have my hostel all lined up, and hopefully I can get a city bus so I won’t have to walk 5Ks but we’ll see. And for mi noche final in Madrid…That remains to be seen.


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