Granada: I want my Tapatio!

Gorgeous interior of el Palacio
Gorgeous interior of el Palacio

Took the bus to Granada yesterday. Apparently the reason Europeans use public transport is because it doesn’t suck as hard as Greyhound. Seriously, comfortable seats, leg room, and TVs?! It was like being in business class, and this was 16E, which is cheaper than effing Greyhound. Plus there weren’t any creepy weirdos on board.

I got royally frustrated trying to find my hostel. To make it worse, I knew I was within a few blocks of the place, but I couldn’t find the street, AND no one else seemed to know of its existence! When I finally got here, I just crashed, hoping that I could get up early enough to squeeze in a shower (hint: there’s a reason the 10 person dorm with one bathroom is the cheapest option).

Today I got up early to hike up to La Alhambra to get my ticket. It’s spendy (grumbles angrily about not being able to con ticket woman into a student discount) and I can’t actually get in until 2 pm. I feel sorry for my Texan friends who really didn’t want to miss their plane but desperately wanted to get in.

I am getting sick of being hit on by creepy guys. Listen up jerks, I may be ignorant of your effing customs, but I know that your hitting on me creeps me out so I’m not putting up with it. See, I know what’s friendly, and I know when people make my skin crawl.  Stop acting like I’m being culturally insensitive and go find some American girl that’s dumb enough to buy your act. And hint number 2, I understand you perfectly well, I’m just pretending like I don’t so you’ll go away. This rant was precipitated by the 2 guys on the road to La Alhambra.

In other grumpiness, I miss spicy food! Seriously, nothing around here has any real flavor to it. And I couldn’t even find hot sauce in the grocery store. Whine, suffer, my taste buds are going to shrivel up and die.


2 thoughts on “Granada: I want my Tapatio!

  1. Hi! so I just had to comment and said how amazingly jealous I am right now!!! Yo querio ir a espana!! it sounds awsome, although I had to laugh a lot at all the annoying boys, I guess its a spanish speaking thing, but don’t worry you’ll get use to them after a while : ) just think of it as a complement. Oh and you got to salsa in a disco I’m so jelous I totally miss that, even though its sooo hard 😛 kk well I’ll stop going on about how jealous I am and let you get back to writing another post (which is what I hope you’re doing right now!! with pictures please, although the ones on facebook are supper cool : ) miss you!!

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