So I got bored with Granada and decided to hop a train to Barcelona. And in my infinite intelligence, I elected to take an overnight and avoid paying for a place to stay that day.Yet, something interesting happened even before I started my journey. I went by the Cathedral in Granada to take a look (I’m not paying 3.50 to look inside an old church) and got accosted by this woman. Stupid American me thinks that she’s giving out little herb things for people going inside the church. Then she tried to read my palm, told me I would have babies and a good husband…Then she goes ‘pay me.’ At this point, I’m thinking okay, fine I’ll be nice and give her a Euro or something. But then she tries to get me to give her a bill, to change it πŸ™‚ Yeah right, lady, look for some other stupid tourist. So I backed off, started saying no alot, which didn’t seem to penetrate her skull. So I walked away, which she didn’t like–she smacked my arm and started jabbing to her friend, probably about what a horrible person I was. Oh well, cultural misunderstandings and whatnot.

So, here is the odyssey of my trip to Barcelona: I took a city bus to the Estacion, in the middle of a rainstorm, naturally. Then I find out that the train station is 4 kilos down the road, so IΒ  have to hop another bus, then walk 2 blocks in the deluge. I get there, find out I have to wait for 2 hours, AND that the train is having issues so I will take a bus to some middle-of-nowhere station before getting on the train to Barcelona. The train itself was an experience in uncomfortable nights: I was right next to the door and was repeatedly woken up by SLAM, SLAM. πŸ˜›

So now I’m in Barcelona, searching for fun. This hostel looks really nice, and the weather has cooled off enough so that I’m not drenched in a pool of sweat.


3 thoughts on “Travelling…

  1. You better be careful. Please don’t get hurt. Just a loving/caring father. So, when the heck do you start school? You didn’t tell me you were going early to see how much trouble you could get into. πŸ™‚


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