Barcelona is awesome!

Yesterday I went city-exploring. Got a gorgeous view of the entire ciudad, and found Gaudi’s gingerbread houses πŸ™‚ Had a great time hiking around, though flip-flops were a stupid idea considering I hiked like 8Ks. Found a partner-in-crime to explore with me: Igor from Israel…must…not…snicker…at…names… Since I can actually speak Spanish, I once again translated for the waitress at lunch. Dang, I’m getting a lot of practice with that. The cerveceria we went to had a bunch of international beers and guess which one was the cheapest? That’s right, the American.

Saw the Sagrada Familia too. It’s this awesome cathedral that’s been a work in progress since 1882 and looks fricking amazing (will try to upload a photo later). You can actually go up into the towers but I elected to spend my money on food instead.Went down the Barcelona beach, which is not very nice as the effing tourists dump their shit in the water and the sand is grainy. But this french guy at the hostel says there’s alot of really nice ones up north! Still, the water was deep turquoise and pretty (cold though).

So I met a fellow Oregonian at my hostel! Ariela from Corvallis of all places πŸ™‚ We had a great time hanging and listening to her Catalan music. She’s here en route to southern France to teach English–and she can actually read the street signs! (Yeah, everything here is in Catalan, which looks like a mix between Spanish and French) Of course, I just found out that I left my jump drive in Portland–damn it! Now how am I supposed to get Castellano y Catalan music?

Today I went wandering, in spite of the pouring rain. So, apparently Barcelona is like Oregon; one minute it’s cold and wet, the next it’s hot and sunny. I blame the weather for kinking up my hair πŸ˜› Found all sorts of cool shops, as well as Las Ramblas, which is a street market with lots of painted performers.Went shopping and got a cute dress, which will look totally gorgeous with my flip-flops…Next on the agenda, shoes.


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