Lazy Monday

Yeah, I went to the beach and worked on my tan. Yep, that’s all I did.

Went to a Basque tapas bar for dinner—so cool cause it’s all self-serve and they just count the number of little tapas you eat. Found something with purple goop and anchovies on top of bread, so yummy!

Had a chill night, hanging on the roof with people, talking and drinking beer. Though I did feel enough guilt to help Mihial (how the hell do you spell Irish names?) procure some aloe vera. Dude, don’t emulate my sunscreen habits. I’m from somewhere where the sun actually shines. And my skin isn’t pasty pale. Poor boy looked like a lobster, so of course the kind sweet guys here were looking for every excuse to poke him.


2 thoughts on “Lazy Monday

  1. So are you implying that in Oregon the sun actually shins? I totally don’t remember that : ) So do you have an amazing tan yet? Pics please

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