Let The Chaos Begin

Last night was characterized by irritating the grumpy Pakastani receptionist  (think old guy with nothing better to do with his time than make life miserable for lazy travelers) Seriously, all we were doing was hanging out on the roof, drinking, being loud, playing music, and the Europeans were hucking cigarettes over the edge of the roof. And he got all pissed off and storms up there demanding IDs and the like. Unfortunately, he had to deal with belligerant (read: under the influence of blueberry schnapps) Irish guys… Seriously, why must I always be the diplomatic one?

Went to the Modern Art museum in Barcelona today. it was okay and there were definitely some really cool exhibits, but not anywhere near as cool as the Prado or Reina Sofia. Though I did like the giant astronauts hovering in the air.

The Merce festival started tonight, and the streets were full of explosions, confetti, tons of people, and free Istanbul concerts. Went out with the Michaels (apparently they have the same name, which is spelled like the English one, yet sounds more like Meehull) some Slovenians, and this couple fropm Macedonia. After enjoying the concert, where I got to dance to bellydancing music, we meandered down to the beach area, where someone knew a bartender=cheaper drinks at the waterfront. Didnt get back to the hostel till 6a.m. and naturally the grumpy reception dude was there–gave us all a dirty look, which just made me giggle stupidly.

Now, last night was just the first day of a giant festival in Barcelona. Ergo, I must go to all these concerts, the as well as whatever other mischief I can find. Even though its not accurate for this country, I say PURA VIDA!!!


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