A Shorty

Had a nice day in the Montjuic Park, saw the entire city from the top of the castle and napped in the park.

Went out with a bunch of cool people from the hostel, like Will the drunk American boy and Jessica my Aussie amiga. It’s a great example of how small the world really is. Me and Jessica met when I first got to Barcelona, and then met again at the next hostel! Then I just ran into her in the street, which is amazingly unlikely in BCN during the night.

Saw another great concert and drank beer in the square for a long time, though we had to keep waving away the beer vendors after a time. I decided to finish off the Smirnoff, which seemed to vastly impress the American boys. Sigh, frat-boy minded guys are so predictable. Made it back before the sun came up, so I guess it was an early night by Spanish standards 🙂

Moved hostels today, to a really nice one. I mean, this one has more than one cup! And then I proceeded to sleep for most of the day, and took advantage of the free internet. Not sure what’s in the works for the next couple days, though I gotta make it to the Dali museum, and then get to Oviedo somehow from here.


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