Irish Bars and Naked Bikers

Yeah, apparently Eugene isn´t the only city in the world that encourages naked biking. Saw this buck naked old guy on a bike going through downtown Barcelona. Lovely, and moreover, where does a guy wearing no pants have to go? He can´t go to the store–no place to put a wallet.

Things have been pretty low key for me this weekend. I made a yummy stirfry (dang it´s hard to find anything spicy in this country!) and then went out to an Irish bar with like 12 guys from my hostel. Andrew, your bright blue parasol will forever haunt my thoughts. So sad for them, they´re all looking for girls and can´t seem to find any in the bar. Watched Darius get slightly uncomfortable with my Irish boys´homoerotic jokes (apparently he didn´t really want to be hugged by dudes:) Did a little dancing and then headed in for the night, at about 3 am.

Woke up this morning about 10 feeling really bleh, not from my vino or cerveza, but simply due to a congested head which made my ear feel like a weight was sitting on it. I made the executive decision to go back to sleep, and was promptly woken up at 11:40 by the reception chick, informing me and my roomies that we had to either get another night or move our hungover asses out of the beds so they could be cleaned.

Got up and made food whilst hearing from Micheal the Second about how he couldn´t really remember the last night nor how he got home, but apparently he´d witnessed a car crash, and therefore had an aversion to the sigh tof ketchup. Watched some James Bond and then went wandering and listened to some music at the last day of the Merce festival. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to Micheal and Micheal as they were going north to look for work. Can´t believe how fast this trip has gone by. Tomorrow I´m taking a bus to Oviedo; my wandering will be over, least for a little while.


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