Clases, sigh.

Started classes today at 9 a.m. and I won’t be done til 5:00–ugh! All this constant espanol is hurting my brain. Warning my lovies, it’s only a matter of time till I start typing in Spanish up here.

So I got placed in Intermediate 3, due to my forgetting how to use the useless Subjunctive tense. After being bored in the history class, I elected to start taking the Advanced 1 classes. No one told me I couldn’t just sit in on them, so that’s what I did. Perhaps my newly-encouraged independence is gonna get me in trouble one of these days…So much better, though the profs speak a little more quickly. But I have always preferred being challenged to being bored. I think it’s cause I can personally do something (ie work harder) if I’m struggling, but i have to just deal if I’m bored. Tomorrow I have to talk to the directora and make sure it’s okay–and it better be; I didn’t come here to be bored cause my profs speak uber-slowly.

Thinking about taking a trip este weekend with a bunch of people from school. I’m so used to travelling, being stuck in Oviedo for this long is driving me nuts. Though it is nice to have clean clothes (washing my tank tops and underwear in the sinks of hostels was never the best solution for personal hygenine, but I wasn’t gonna pay 6-10 Euros for the washing machine).

Have also found my perfect cafe. It’s called V.I.N. and they’re open from 6 am til 1 am and they never kicked me out for stealing the wifi for five hours and only buying a coke. Coffee over here also makes me very happy, and I’m trying to not chug it and go into a twitchy coma 🙂

I still plan on having muchos adventures, even though I have school and a home base. Keep reading people, and I’ll keep posting. Hasta luego!


4 thoughts on “Clases, sigh.

  1. Hi, i just found you on google. I read your article about the hot springs in Ourense and you seem like your similar to my personality, so now im gonna read everything you post! haha I have one more year left of school and I think I’m gonna do what your doing…plus someone I think im in love with just rode a bicycle from argentina to venezuela and I cant stop thinking that i need to do SOMETHING….ANYTHING!! suerte

  2. oh, i started at BCA posts. im pretty sure i have alot to go but if you started way before that let me know. thanks

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