Oviedo: The City of Coffee (at least for me:)

Survived my first week of classes, and unlike Ryan I didn’t spend much time muttering “Quiero morir”–dude if you keep saying emo crap in Spanish, someone is gonna drag you to therapy.

I love all my classes, and even though I’m taking 5 of them (6 if you count the once a week cultural understanding one) I don’t feel at all overwhelmed. Dude, this is such a contrast from spring last year, where I was working 18+ hours a week, in class, doing homework, and pathetically attempting to have a life.

Grammar: Yeah, I know, it sounds eye-bleedingly dull. Well the professor is hilarious, and I don’t give a crap that I have to review ser and estar for the bajillionth time–practice is always good. Is the first class most of the week, but since that means 9 am, I’m fine. HA! 9 isn’t early; working at 6:30 is early…

Vocab: Cool profs are saving my life here. Lorena is like 28 and very hyper; plus she has great fashion sense, which is always a plus.

Literature: Need you even ask? English nerd speaking…So I haven’t actually met my professor yet; she’s been out sick. But I get to read Spanish poetry–hells yes!

Translation: I love Rodrigo! (eww, not like that you pervert. He’s like 40) He is funny and speaks English with a perfect British accent. Plus I’m learning all these idiomatic things and just read about retards attemptin g DIY Surgery.

Medieval Spain: Nicole is actually from OR and she is way into Spanish history, so I get to sit in a room with all my buddies, learn about Spain, and not have too much in the way of homework.

Even the Culture class is fun, though this Wednesday I was really tired and nodding off, despite my best efforts. Too bad for me, I was smack dab in the center of the front row. Carmen snapped her fingers in my face and I managed to not drool on the desk. 🙂

Went shopping the other day with my girlies–saw a cute jacket that I wanted but it was 70 E. 😦 Poor college students should avoid expensive stores. Note to self: umbrella and rainboots, not cute blouses and jewelry…

Finally got my no-longer-sick butt out to enjoy the Oviedo nightlife last night. A bunch of us hung at the park, drinking cheap wine/beer and smoking. (Well I don’t smoke, but everyone over here does) Made it to this awesome bar where beers are only 2 E and it’s 660 mL–whatever that translates to, like 2/3 of a quart. Plus it was Mahou, which is cheap but not shit beer. Somehow I managed to get a good buzz off that and two other beers, guess my tolerance is down.

Went bar hopping for a long time, picking up people and losing them only to find them later. Fortunately, or not depending on your point of view, I ran out of cash. Actually, it was a bit unfortunate, because about 2 am I elected to walk home…Too bad I went in the wrong direction for 20 minutes before getting out a map, finding a bus stop (buses don’t run late at night on Thursday), and eventually heading in what I hoped was the right direction. (Note: my wanderings took about an hour) Found Scott and Laura, the former who lives near me, so I got a guide on the last stage of my journey. Must have been 3:30 when I got home–and I have class at 10 on Fridays!

So I’m going on a mini-excursion this long weekend (NO SCHOOL MONDAY!!) and revisiting my beloved Barcelona. Yeah I know, I should be seeing more of the country. Bite me, I need to see BCN before the weather turns horrible. Besides, my Irish buddies are still there, plus Jessica, I think. The fun part will be getting back to Oviedo 2 hours before class starts on Tuesday… I’m not taking my computer with me, because I have somewhere to stash it, and I don’t want the weight. So if I can’t find free computers or a locutoria–depends if I care–look for the next post sometime Tuesday.


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