Mosquitos Should All Die

Barcelona was kick-ass! God, I love that city. Unfortunately for me, I ran afoul of those nasty little biting insectos, and now have itchy bug bites on my FEET of all places. Still couldn’t find my bar though…Tsk tsk.

Yesterday I got back on an overnight train–which meant I had roughly 2 hours to walk home, shower and change, and get to class. So tired… Then instead of taking a nap after class, we all hung out in this cafe for hours. Ha, I can actually win a chess game. And my hand hurts from ERS…I wonder how many of those cracks in the glass table can be attributed to us.

Yo y Chris went cidering last night; even though it was Tuesday, a bunch of places in Oviedo were still open well past midnight. Cider in Asturias is like 6% alcohol–not likely to inducing vomitting. Though apparently Sierra believes it tastes like sour olive water, weird. Ended up in the park, chilling on the swing set till like 3:00–when we elected to get home before getting frostbite. I suppose I should not continuously go out at night here, getting up for 9 a.m. classes and all that. Meh, no fun…


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