Snakes and Egyptian Rats

Hehehe, guess what? I have learned something phenomenally applicable to my life from high school/college. Ready?

How to function for several nights in a row with little or no sleep. Who would’ve thought that pulling too many all-nighters would prepare me to have too much fun in Spain? Last night Maria was all warning me; don’t go out all the time, your grades will suffer cause you’ll be too tired. I nodded and said, si si, all the while thinking–HA! I can get awesome grades with a grand total of 20 hours of sleep PER WEEK.

Anyhow, yesterday a bunch of us spent the day (postclass) playing ERS in a cafe. I really hope we don’t shatter the table, cause then we’ll have to find a different place to congregate. Went out for cider at this amazing Sideria. Okay, so cider in Oviedo is this bubbly sourish apple product. How they get it all bubbly is by dumping it from a bottle, which is held as far as humanly possible from the glass while pouring. The result is yummy ariation, but a big mess. The place we went, has the kegs hooked up to dispensers–that have snake heads!! SO cool, and I’m definitely getting pics.

After drinking all our yumminess, we wandered to the park, after seeing a group of girls in pjs rolling toilet paper down the street. Weird. Attempted to climb a fountain, which isn’t as stupid as it sounds, as the fountain was huge and very climbable. I also gotta practice tons of Spanish, and entertained these Spanish dudes with my explanation of classes not being too hard for us 🙂


5 thoughts on “Snakes and Egyptian Rats

  1. Ha! I protest this characterization. I am very well-behaved when you compare me to the chicas who apparently think getting so drunk you can’t walk straight is a good idea 3 nights in a row (and the nights in question were Tues-Thurs).

  2. Oops! Okay I retract my evaluation. 🙂 Actually I meant bad in a good way, you can be bad responsibly and have one hell of a good time!

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