Newest Word Learned: Resaca

Reasons why I love my Spanish teachers:

Rodrigo explaining how he once said “I’m going to f**k the bus” because coger doesn’t mean take in Argentina.

Lorena wearing miniskirts and tights to class, and having the same kinda hair as me.

Maria letting us spend all class debating (in espanol) the role of the media in social perceptions of beauty, and giggling worse than me when people said ridiculous shit 🙂

That being said, life doesn’t begin and end in class. I love how I can go out and fit so much into one night,and still get home in time to sleep.

Last night, after scarfing down my dinner (salad, fish soup, french fries, and steak!) I went out for the 3rd night in a row. Was supposed to hang with Chris and some others in the park, but en route I ran into about 8 people drinking cider and was sidetracked. We all ended up together in this awesome bar that had old movie posters decorating the walls. Fun fun, though I never did get Sam the beer I owe him.

Next, we wandered next door for salsa lessons. I need to keep this up; maybe one day I won’t totally suck. It was totally fun, especially as Mike had fallen in love with the teacher (think TIGHT pants and hooker boots). Then we wandered to the tocha bar, hehehe, me gusta liters of cerveza. Met a ton of Spanish kids there. Apparently the custom of tormenting freshmen is alive and well in Espana. Poor lil Andrea, Marta and their friends. They had charcoal beards drawn on their faces, and were under orders to do whatever the older people said–which mainly seemed to consist of yelling rude phrases, in English or Spanish. I really hope that Boy with Twilight Hair doesn’t always wear it that way…

Totally fun though, cause most people spoke as much English as I do Spanish, so we had a happy medium of mixing the two languages. Went to a fun lil bar with a dance floor before we decided that, it being 2 a.m. and freezing cold, we should head home. Poor Sam was doing cartwheels down the cobblestone street, which was worrisome as girl couldn’t even walk straight. Also had to pry the other Jeannette (yeah, WTF I go all the way round the world and find the one girl at UO with my name) away from the garbage truck–she was hungry and thought they’d know where food was.

Today I determined that Grammar is my clase favorita, that certain people who shall remain unnamed should really not wear purple velvet sweatsuits, and that my host mom hated my tennys. Yeah, she was all, “Guapa, much better than your others ” like they were diseased. I also must replace my shampoo, which mysteriously vanished–mierda! I liked that cute little bottle.

Hasta luego queridos. I know I have more followers than my mom y Rae–I can see the number of views/day <smirks omniously>. Seriously, comments are appreciated, if just to tell me what you wanna hear about.

PS: No tengo resaca hoy; no los me gustan.


3 thoughts on “Newest Word Learned: Resaca

  1. hahahahahah resaca. just wanted to share my laughter. having a resaca in the morning means you were warm the night before even if it was below 0. and wait please respond and tell me how old u are…you said freshman….? confused because i read your little bio page…

  2. Bueno chica, nice to see I have a new follower. I’m a recent college graduate, but these posts were written in 2009 when I studied abroad in Spain for the first time.

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