El Fin: I Saw a Chastity Belt!

Friday night, sigh, you are so fun yet so draining. After having a botellon in the park with Chris and his girlies, we went to the cuputiria (sp?) which is Spanish for shot bar. Way yummy, considering there´s some 50-odd drinks you can order, all for 5E. They come in pitchers which are then shared among your grupo. Saw the majority of my people there, including Laura, who decided to drink Chris´rum like it was water…My resaca senses are tingling. Anyhow, I tried the KiwiRum, Playboy (which tastes like red), something with copious amounts of tequila, and BlackberryRumTequila… Yummy and sweet, except for the red one.

After Chris nearly got raped in the bathroom, hehehe, we left for a dance club, which was way fun. (he says he was getting hit on by 3 Spanish dudes, until he got rescued by mini Texan girl, seriously she´s 4 foot something, and can´t weigh more than 90 lbs) Also scrounged a yummy sandwich at about 3 a.m. at a place that had Coke bottles from all over the world. So cool.

Went home about…5 a.m. Apparently Chris, who has become my escort home, of his own volition silly boy, got lost for another two hours. When you call a friend and ask, ¨Where am I?¨what help can you honestly get?

So I pried my butt outa bed at 8:00 Saturday morning for our field trip. Bleh, all day on a bus sucks. It wasn´t bad, I had no hangover, and 24/25 of our group made it (Porbre Laura, but when you drink that much…)

Saw an ancient church, a torture museum, a building made of sunflowers (did Gaudi ever build anything that doesn´t look like he was on acid when he designed it?) and the caves of Covadonga. According to legend, in 700something, the Virgin Mary hucked a bunch of rocks at a Moorish army, thus beginning the Reconquista.

Got home at 6, went home and goofed off. Fell asleep at 9 pm. Apparently answered the phone at 11–though it musta been along the lines of ¨Huh, mumble grumble sleepy noises¨And then I slept for a total of 12 hours!! Yay, relaxation. Went wandering Sunday afternoon, and found a street faire. Clothes, clothes, hehehe, 2 things for 1 euro, me gusta muchismo!

Today´s quote, courtesy of Keith: Ï dunno, the things that go up the ass totally do it for me¨–about his favorite thing from the torture museum.


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