The Question isn’t, Will I do NaNo; The Question Is: Will I Write It in Spanish?

So I got a new charger for my stupid PoS PC, but I’m not sure about it—see the purpose of a charger is to charge my computer, which this is refusing to do. It’s getting power into the machine, but refusing to actually charge the battery, because the voltage is like 0.5 volts off. Must return to PC Box and try to communicate this trouble to the chica there.

In other news, I went running for the first time today—heck yes, right after I started, so did the rain! I got soaked, but made it all the way uphill to the park and back—I’m guessing 1.5 miles, not bad for the first time in like 2 months. Dodging all these Spanish people with their umbrellas, who probably think I’m totally insane.

Today is Jueves, which means I am going salsa dancing tonight! So much fun, provided I don’t kill anyone in my pathetic attempts to learn how to move.

And I have nutella, I have nutella! Yay chocolately goodness. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about but heard the word chocolate, Nutella is chocolate hazelnut butter, and totally amazing on toast/bread/by the spoonful. I am storing it in my room; hopefully the bugs won’t get wise.

Last night I was serenaded as I did homework. Congrats Eugene, I have found a place with more annoying bums. Oh no, it’s not enough that Chris and I got harassed by a man and an old lady (worst fake sobs of pain I’ve ever heard) Nope,  on my street there dwells a guy who likes to camp out in front of the grocery store. He sits there, eats there, pees there (I was not happy to witness this BTW). And last night he decided to sing, loudly, to people and the world at large. I could hear him from my room. My host mom asked if I liked the concert.

Now comes the hard choice-making time for me: shall I do homework or read?


3 thoughts on “The Question isn’t, Will I do NaNo; The Question Is: Will I Write It in Spanish?

  1. Running YEAH!!! Bums pissing ewwwww! YOu watching double EWWWW! Salsa dancing is you’ll love it once you get the hang of it…Dad and I used to be pretty good. Miss you

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