Rainy Weekend

Recap of the weekend:

Thursday night I met up with people in the park and drank what I have dubbed a White Calimocha. Basically was shit white wine with Coke added to disguise the shitty taste; it was an epic fail! After we went to the salsa bar and attempt to dance. I had fun, looked dumb, but at least I wasn´t Kate (5 feet tall) dancing with Ryan (6+ feet tall). Later I lost my Oregon peeps and hung with the Iowaians…played foosball and chatted with the bartender til 2 a.m.

Friday night we all met up under the giant Umbrella and proceeded to hunt down beers and kebabs. Yum yummy, but so greasy. Marina explained about her hometown where the school in unofficially known as the University of Casual Sex and Beer. Just another reason to mock California…

Saturday was mucho fun, though. I woke up at 11 to Lindsay infoming me that I had a few minutes to haul my butt down to the bus station or they were going to Gijon without me…I ran. Gijon was amazing, and we decided to go swimming in the freezing cold ocean, in the RAIN. Yeah, insanity. I´m from Oregon, I should know better.  But it was so cool. My body got numb, and then really warm, which is scarily in line with the symptoms of frostbite. All the guys were whining and wimping, and Lindsay and I were the tough ones. HA! Though perhaps Jesse should have worn trunks and not his boxers.

Changing was difficult, considering no one had a towel. It involved us banishing the boys to the opposite end of the beach for a bit…Then we got coffee cause my body temp. had dropped about 20 degrees. And I ate octopus bits for a snack, so tasty!

Saturday night we went to the Snake Bar and then wandered, barhopping and meeting up with Spanish peeps.  I learned that scarfs are fine on guys in Spain, unless they´re bright pink, which is apparently very gay (sorry I made you wear my scarf Keith). Jesse and yo drank way too much cider, and we had to wander home by 3 (way too early on a Saturday night).

Sunday was very lazy, with my primary act being going to the market and looking for more clothes.  Maria made me paella, which was tasty, though not amazingly better than what I buy in restaurantes.

PS; I found a flowery umbrella in the bathroom in Gijon! Yeah free stuff


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