5 Hours of Sleep and Here Begins the Weekend!

I love Spain, just saying. Today I went to Grammar class and we promptly spent the entire class talking about politics, social issues, and everything else we could think of–in Spanish! Plus, I didn’t have to turn in the homework that I didn’t do, hehehe.

Week has been relax-ly and fun. Yesterday there was a giant gathering of Spanish kids on the campus, drinking cider, beer, and everything else (I saw some mixing a 5 gallon bucket full of calimocha) Of course, this was between noon and 5 pm, a bit early by Spanish standards.

Last night was salsa night at B12–I think I’m finally not completely sucking at it, though I definitely need much more practice. An added bonus was the Halloween special: buy three drinks and get a free masks. I didn’t actually spend any money, so I got no mask, sad day. However, Sarah and I rocked the dance floor with our salsa moves. And Jesse even got in on the fun–yay for American guys who try to learn more dances beyond the grind n grope…Joking joking.

Heading out to Galicia (think north of Portugal) today. Five hours on a bus, fine. Five hours on a bus on a friday afternoon, fml.


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