Weekend recap: 5 hours of boredem on the bus, we arrived in Galicia and invaded the poor lil hostal…Dang I feel for the guys working there; 25 college students in one weekend, will they ever recover? Poor Lindsay, her old conversation partner somehow ingratiated himself to the chaperons and tagged along. We all promptly spent the weekend ignoring him.

Anyhow, Friday night was fun, or so people tell me…Joking, joking. I perfectly remember beating the crap out of Jesse for his sqeaky Jorge voice that nearly gave me a heart attack (see previous comment about old spanish dude). On Saturday, people were dragged out of their hangovers onto the bus to go up into the hills of La Coruna to see a maze (it did not rival the corn maze, though apparently bees are scary Jess, ha!) and the Torre de Hercules…So much coolness. We then proceeded to raise hell on Halloween night, checking out all the bars all decked out with decorations and ending the night with a swim in the ocean. Okay, not techically a swim, more along the common lines of sneaky waves drenching my clothes so why not?

Sunday was the day the weather finally sucked. Rain, rain and more effing rain. We of course went to Santiago to see a big-ass church where mascochists have hiked for the past 500 years: dude if I wanna go on a 40 day hike, it will not be to Santiago, more like somewhere with SUNNY beaches and loads of relaxing. I admired the beauty of the ancient structure, sat through a Spanish mass wherein I understood very little cause I’ve never been to Mass in English, and then discovered my friends had all vanished and were not answering their phones. I elected to go drink coffee and avoid the rain while writing in my notebook for the next 2 hours (gotta prep for Nano). We then played in the rainy streets (my friends had been on the roof of the cathedral, fuckers…no not drunken stupidity, a tour that I’d missed, Mierda!) before getting on the bus. I wonder when my boots will dry out…

Sunday night was awesomeness; got dinner at a Spanish restaurante, got sugary goodies and tochas* later, and I went to bed at midnight, apparently missing out on…Nothing! Yay weekend.

Am now back in Oviedo, plotting more adventures and trying to figure out how the hell I’m gonna NaNo without a stable power source. Joder, I may have to break down and buy that stupid universal adaptor that doesn’t charge my laptop.

*tochas son cervezas de 1 litre, y cuesta aprox 2 euros/$3


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