So, things of interest this week.

-I hate midterms, specifically in medieval Spanish classes

-Who woulda thought that I´d get to read about witch trials in Spain? Wow, so totally surprising…NOT

-María thinks I´m a total airhead for continously misplacing my stuff. To date in Spain I´ve lost my water bottle, sunglasses, conditioner and soap, and sadness, the gray jacket that I have lived in for the past two years. Oh well, excuse to buy a new one, haha.

-Nanoing without an active laptop is hard. I´m like really behind, but I am determined to hit 50.000 words by the end of November. Lauren, prepare to lose!

-I finally finished Lord of the Rings, coolness. Now my fantasy nerdishness is complete.

-My boots leak, my shoes leak, my feet are constantly wet. Crap! Must find a practical sol´n cause I´m tired of having soggy toes.

Bullets now ended. This weekend was very fun. Friday we went out en masse and ended up drinking lots of cider, hanging at parks, and dancing like crazy. I seriously love the schedule of nightlife here: we got to the cider bar at 11, went to the park for a bit, hit up the clubs at 2ish, and danced till about 4:30. Then I ran into some chicas de japón, Akiko you are a fabulous dancer! And we had fun times at Babia, which has a basement for dancing. No, Jorge, I was not chugging a mysterious clear drink. That was water. I was thirsty. Also, adored watching the Zaragoze chica beat the shit out of her buddies with a light up mariposa wand. Yeay, violencia de chicas!

Saturday was marvelous as well, with us meeting up some other Spanish chicas, Bea y company. Also added the Cambodian chicitinas to the mix–so cute and tiny 🙂 About 2ish all the americans save myself and Jess went home, but we stuck it out till 530! Must have gone to 4 different discos, not counting the places we invaded to use the bathrooms. And those crazy chicas were still going strong, finding more and more discos to dance at! Dang, I need to keep up. Oh well, Jess got a good birthday celebracion.

Mi español is vastly improving, mostly due to my spending most of the weekend speaking it with my buddies.


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