Time Is Perversely Speeding Up

FML, is all I have to say. So, after months of working properly, some dipwad in the banking business decided to screw me over. I went down to the ATM Wednesday morning and the machine decided it needed a snack, and ATE MY CARD! Bad enough, so I went to complain in spanish, determined that the fault lay with Bank of America, then called them up and was informed that, of course, it wasn´t their fault. Passing the buck, nice jerkwads but I want my money. Now, I gotta wait 2 weeks for a new card, which is slightly problematic as I have like 10€ cash right now…

Still I can have fun with no money, though I bought new shoes, hehehe, and they really hurt my feet (note, this occured before the vanishing card). Also, yesterday went on a wander with Lindsay through the sketchy part of Oviedo. I saw fields and horses! Seriously, only in Europe can the outskirts, aka redneckville, be so close to a functioning metropolis. We´re not talking a few minutes on the freeway; this was only like a 10 minute walk from city center. Wednesday night we hung at the snake bar and drank cider. Boys are funny, especially when they´re all planning how to pick up Spanish girls and asking the only female at the table (me) for assistance.

Thirsty Thursday takes on a whole new meaning in Spain, and we all met for salsa dancing about 11. That wasn´t happening, so we moved on to the next door bar and spend a couple hours chilling there. Dude Logan, getting cheek kisses from the bartender, and dancing with her is not as cool when she´s your mom´s age–though I suppose getting free drinks makes it worth while. Wandered to other places, including the infamous B12 and the plaza where we danced to bad guitar playing and homemade bongo drumming. Other highlights include Keith forgetting his jacket in the bar, and calling me 10 times to check if I had it, Suphorn buying her Co-ron-ee-ta while everyone else had twice as much cereza, me and Samantha doing backbends in the bar, and Logan getting picked up and slung over the shoulder of tall basketball player–tío don´t be pissed at me for not helping you out. It was funny.

Course, during all this, I knew that I had class at 10, wherein I had to give a presentation. Fun fun fun, at least it wasn´t a test. And my English major skills mean I can very easily BS whatever I need to say, even in Spanish.

Let the weekend begin! Let there be beer, vino, cider, and music! I will dance till dawn one of these days.


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