*Touch my Balls*

Wow, it’s been a bit. So all my adoring fans are doubtless horribly depressed that I haven’t been updating, right? Ha, like anyone even noticed.

Newsworthy events:

I got my charger! Ergo my computer works. Ergo I stopped using the computer lab that smells like stale cigarettes. Now to hope that this one doesn’t fry itself in the next few weeks.

Climbed the mountain the other day to see the giant Jesus statue. What a giant hike that was, 2+ miles uphill, with cars wizzing down the road around me, and the sky getting darker and darker. Of course, I missed the bus by 8 minutes, even though I literally sprinted down the last few minutes of trail. I had to freeze my ass off waiting at the bus stop for an hour. But my Camboyanas ran into a herd of cows. They were scared. Because the cows had horns. Oooh, scary.

Got free cider and roasted chestnuts last weekend. Also had loads of fun dancing and generally raising hell with mis amigos.

Rodrigo the Professor got sidetracked from explaining Spanish idioms, to complaining that his girlfriend of some 20 years refuses to marry him. Ha! He looked so annoyed, because she said no,  it wasn’t worth the trouble. Now he either refers to her as his companera or mujer (roommate and wife respectively) and doesn’t seem sure which label to use. Ha, so cute. Poor Rodrigo…

Last night went out to celebrate Jueves de Sed (damn, Thirsty Thursday doesn’t sound as good in espanol). Tochas and dancing, especially awesome. I met some cool Aussie chick and Logan decided that everyone had to try Tocame los Huevos* which were ubersweet but fun ’cause you top them with a lemon and slam the shot onto the bar to shake it up. In other news, the hot pink scarf of awesome dancing has reared its powers again. After making Jesse dance with it last week (soo maricon tio), which he enjoyed, I got Logan to do so as well. There is something profoundly awesome in getting straight guys to dance with a bright pink scarf in a club full of people. This scarf has some awesome powers, or perhaps it was the tequila shots? I also got to join in a Grease sing-a-long, which is awesome in Spain.

And now the weekend begins, let the chaos start!!


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