Dance all Night!

Muscles are sore. Muscles are very sore.

Saturday Jess y yo decided to hop a bus to Aviles to see what we could find. Of course, we got off the bus and promptly headed in the wrong direction—toward the slightly ghetto and boring part of town. Yet luck was with us after all. I saw cute little ducks! And a strange sort of swamp, with a huge pumpkin patch.

But the best part was the beach, which was the best one I’ve seen in all of Spain so far. Gorgeous and totally deserted, with the exception of some crazy surfers out in the agua and fishermen hanging off the rocks. There was this cool rock face jutting out into the bay, which we decided to explore and take pictures off of. I also saw a posidean-isque sculpture poking out of the rocks.

Now comes the whining. I walked for a good couple miles in Aviles, got home, walked home and to Isla de Cuba, and back home. Now this isn’t too bad for a day’s work, but I then decided that Saturday is not complete without a bunch of dancing. I was tired, so after dinner I took a nap (note, this nap encompassed more than 2 hours, from 10 till after midnight). Sadly my nap was rudely cut short by Jesse calling to wonder where the hell I was.

Dancing, dancing dancing, and la vida de la noche en Oviedo.

I saw some guy dancing around Plaza de Sol topless. And met many Spanish people, as well as “Doctor” Mateo, a guy with uber-dreadlocks who seems to know half the town, gee I wonder why? HA.

Went to Funky Room for a long time, danced forever with all the people and then moved onto Studio18, where the music was all in Spanish and not very good. At this point, the group had dwindle to Brit, yo, and Jesse, with us heading off to Salsipuedes, a disco that’s the place to be once all the bars close down. Luckily we made it before the mad rush of closing time, and got to dance on the third floor (yep, it has three floors of dancing fun).

I got home a little after 6:00 a.m., which is a new Oviedo record for me, though not the best I’ve ever done (see Barcelona). Fun fun fun, now let the homework begin.



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