Thanksgiving and Segovia, One Week Recap

Dude, totally celebrated Accion de Gracias in Spain! We all gathered in my favorite cafe, KIN, and ate lots of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and drank SANGRIA! Carmen was all, it’s “nonalcoholic”, which I suppose was because she couldn’t technically give her 19-22 year old students alcohol for Thansgiving dinner. Ha! I love Spain. Carti, the camerero, was very confused about the nature of the food he was serving us–the stuffing really perplexed him. But I got to feed my face and hang with friends while chatting in espanol, so I’d call Spanish Thanksgiving a success.

Took a trip to Segovia this weekend, and promptly froze to death. Brrr, I dislike snow landing on my head. Anyhow, Segovia is a cute little town with a huge aqueduct and lots of old buildings–which I got to explore. Also saw St. Teresa’s 500 years old finger–eww. But onto the recap.

Got to Segovia Thursday and went out looking for fun, which was decidedly lacking for a bit. But we found a little bar (actually Mike ran into a promoter girl who dragged us there) and I got all-you-can-drink for 4 euros, which rocked! Even if it was just calimochos and San Miguel (beer). Compare that to Jesse’s tire wine or Mike and Sam’s 4 euro shitty whiskys, I think I scored.

Friday we saw cathedrals and a freaking castle! Climbed up to the roof and took pics. I also was testing the swords in the armory and making disparaging comments about their practicality. I wonder if not seeing the No Toca sign counts as innocence? Friday night was interesting, with us hanging in the hostel for a bit. Lindsay, Sarah, and I found these 3 Spanish soldiers, Alba, Luis, and I forget his name. They were chilling there on leave, and the guys were very keen on hooking up Alba and Mike, much to his embarassment/delight. (He had the fortune of seeing Alba walk out of the shower and he almost fainted, ha) We all met up at a disco, called Toys of all things. Jesse and I kicked ass on the dance floor, though the DJ should have shut his face. And then the underwear dancers came out, about 5 minutes after Sam and Mike bailed–they were cute, and proceeded to dance onstage, in their pink bras and the like. I was not impressed by the dancing moves, and was waiting for the big black bouncer to smash someone across the room.

Saturday was Avila day, aka I saw a ancient city wall, looks of old stuff, and made sarcastic comments all day because I had a headache (caffiene withdrawls and slight hangover don’t mix). But Saturday night rocked! Sadly our soldiers had moved on, but we compensated by playing Kings Cup! Hells yes, so much fun, especially when you have to snort every time you laugh, can’t touch your face, and I had a line of mates following my drinks, ha! And Keith “won” the right to drink flat beer mixed with coke and whiskey, ugh vomit. I happily drug many others out of the hostel, away from grumpy professors who would yell at their drunk asshole students. We went dancing, found the end of an indie rock concert, and I got to bed at 2 a.m.

Wake up was too early, but I made the bus, got back to Oviedo, and starting writing and homeworking. So much fun, and this fin I’m going to Italy!

Oh, my favorite part of the weekend: Prof. Nichole calling Alba a prostitute for wearing red heels and a tube dress. Dude, it’s Spain! People dress up. And if I had been wearing camo-pants for months straight, I sure as hell would dress up when I got the chance.


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