Trip to Italia pt 1: Getting to Roma

Okay, so we had a four day weekend. I and my peeps elected to make it a 7 day weekend and go to Italy! YAY! Yo, Jesse, Ximena, and Luz, two Americans and two Peruvians going to Rome, Florence, and Venice…Awesomeness definitely ensued, however there was, of course, great amounts of “fun” as well.

First, I had to get to the airport early Thursday morning, ugh. Then we landed in Barcelona and proceeded to explore the city for a bit, cause the flight out wasn’t till much later. Good, right? Ha, nothing is ever that simple. Well, Jesse got attacked by the Gargoyle dude in Rambles, while we laughed. I saw my old Boqueria (ie the place I bought yummy resaca-curing juices). But Ximena neglected to figure out that Girona Aeropuerto is NOT in Barcelona, it is 90 km outside of the city. She didn’t realize her mistake till about 2 hours before bording, which was way way too late to take the train. So we had to pay a crazy Catalan dude to drive us there. He got lost; he cursed, a lot, in Spanish and Catalan. It cost way too much.

Next on the agenda: Roma itself. We got into our shithole hostel afterdark. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am not picky about my accomadations. I will happily curl up on a crappy bed in a room with 11 other people (and have done so in Spain). But this hostel sucked! First, the guy at the desk was an ass–he wasn’t even old, so he didn’t have bitterness to excuse his rudeness. The common room consisted of a tiny room with bench and a TV…Sucky! It was cold. The rooms were really cold. The showers smelled like mildew. And this shithole cost me 15 euros a night for two nights…But wait, Roma improves.

The first day, we wandered to the Colosseum–which totally rocks. What does not rock are the assholes that make their living from ripping off stupid tourists. These morons in gladiator costumes took pics with us; then they demanded 5 euros each! I refused to pay them, but Jesse did so to avoid trouble. Dumbasses. Then Xi and Luz decided to take a horsey ride…around Roma…for lots of money. I refused, which ended well for me because it was, in their words, “de mierda.” Oh, it was also cold and rainy, and my boots leak like sieves. Jess and I found a grocery store, on the other side of the city, which means I walked like 10k that day, at least. But, I ate amazing pizza!

I’ve got so much more to say, but my fingers are tired. Will continue later.


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