Trip to Italia pt 2: Roma the Shithole

Day 2 in Roma was our day to explore the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. It was gorgeous, of course, so I got to wander Rome with my boots still soaking wet from the day before. My plans to buy cute Italian shoes as compensation were derailed by a desire to gawk at Michelangelo’s insanity-inducing frescos (prolonged exposure to oil-based paint at close quarters is not a good thing, as those of us with High School Art can attest to).

We decided to take a tour of the Vatican in order to bypass lines, and proceeded to be hauled around by a  crazy Russian lady. I saw tons of old statues, as well as old paintings, nothing new there. But the Chapel itself–damn that was cool. The guards of the Vatican (in their dumb-looking cloaked uniforms) banned photos. I took one anyhow, but it sucked cause I didn’t use flash, not desiring to have the guards (who also wear tights) descend on my head and haul me out. St. Peter’s was awesome as well. Huge-mungeous, and I thought I was so over being awed by ancient cathedrals; I’ve seen enough of them. Nope, totally awesome.

Went to devour pizza afterwards, and then hung with Aussie girl till about 1 a.m. And now the fun begins. You see, Ximena had decided that it would be a brilliant idea to sleep at the train station. Ximena did not realize that the train station was open air. She further was unaware that the bathrooms close at 12 am. Ergo, I had to leave the station and hunted down a Macdonald’s for a bathroom. Too bad for me, when I got back, everything was locked. So there I was, in Rome the shithole after 2 a.m., surrounded by sleeping bums, not able to speak Italian well, and with a dead cell phone. Jesus, could things have gotten any worse?

Anyhow, this Italian dude shows up. In all fairness, he was probably trying to be helpful, maybe. Offered me his phone, which didn’t help cause like a moron I didn’t know my friend’s numbers. So I got the idea to go back to the hostel, which was really close, and just sleep somewhere without bums lurking about. Unfortunately, Italian guy seemed to think I was going to hang out with him, but I finally got rid of him, after he kissed my hand…Weird. So I had to pay for another night in the hostel, ugh, and finally found my friends the next morning in time for the train to Florence. All in all, an inaspicious ending to Roma.


One thought on “Trip to Italia pt 2: Roma the Shithole

  1. Good God Girl you really are living dangerously! Whats up with all this wandering around by yourself in strange places. Have a good time but please try to be careful and stay with your group. Love your Grandma Rena

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