Firenze and Venezia

Florence rocked and the hostel sucked. Basically we got to Florence and had to wander around lost for a while trying to find the hostel. And then the ass who owned it decided that we had to pay him 5 Euros extra a night FOR CLEANING. Ass. I wanted to leave but it was too late–but the next group that came in decided to throw a huge fit and threatened to call the cops. Ignoring such stupidity, Florence was gorgeous. We saw tons of old buildings and I froze my ass off.

The tren ride to Venezia was really annoying–we had to get to the station at 4 a.m. and then had to wait for a connection for 2 hours. Landing in Venezia was totally awesome! The city is impossible to navigate, cause there’s canals everywhere. But it´s completely beautiful and I really loved just wandering around. After the fails with the previous two hostels, Jesse and I chose this one–and it rocked! Gorgeous little hotel right off the Grand Canal, with pretty rooms and they let us store our bags there all day. Now, here´s hoping they didn´t notice that Jesse dented his bed…

I bought a cute Venetian mask there, and watched Ximena hit on gondeliers. We sat on a bench, and she commented on how cute this one guy was, and finally got up the huevos to ask him the following:

¨How much for a gondola ride?¨

80 Euros

¨How much for a kiss?¨

He laughed, and so did we…hysterically. Especially when the older guy went, ¨I work for kisses too!¨ Poor Jesse, ha! He was laughing his ass off the entire time, until we put a banana peel on his head.

On the trip home, we slept in the Barcelona airport, after sneaking on a train to get to said airport. I was really really tired when I walked into my class in Oviedo the following morning.


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