Spanish ER

Dude, my weekends just keep getting better and better. First off, disclaimer: It wasn´t ME that had to go to the ER. But more on that later.

So Friday was cool. My host sister and her daughter came to town and we went to the movies, in Spanish por supuesto.  But I loved watching Planeta 51 anyhow, hilarious. You really don´t need to understand every single word to love that movie, and I think it´s way better than having to watch TWILIGHT (ugh why did people go to that?). Then we ate churros, yum yum.

So,  onto the night. Chilled in Mater with the sidra-snakes, which are wearing antlers for the holiday season. Then moved on to the Chupiteria, where we drank nasty Tequila-infused stuff for a bit. Then I wandered over to my favorite little bar, Paco´s and proceeded to watch Aubry play dart games with Logan. This consisted of her standing in front of the dartboard and having Logan huck darts William Tell-style over her head into the board. Everyone was impressed. And no, this was not how I ended up in the ER.

About 3, we all moved to this bar in el culo del mundo. Proceeded to drink Yegerbombs and danced a lot. Aubry and Shauna found Spanish boys. Now, here´s where the fun starts. Logan ran into this girl he knew and when she went back inside the bar, he stuck his head in the door to say bye. Note, this is exactly what happened: he stuck his head in the door.The rather heavy door smacked Logan in the forehead full-force. Cue one nasty split in the forehead. Some minutes later, when the bleeding still hadn´t stopped, Spanish guy flagged down a cab and decided that the ER was a good idea. I´m still not too clear on how I ended up being the escort, but it was probably because:

-I was more sober than everyone else, which ain´t saying much.

-I can be an interpreter, as I speak Spanish and English.

-I wasn´t pursuing a Spanish guy from that bar.

So, we get to the ER, all the while Logan is swearing that he hates doctors and really doesn´t like the idea of going.  But the first question that the nurse asks, just made me laugh. I say, he got hit in the head. She asks, was it an assault? Nope, just a door. Obviously, when bleeding Americans go to the ER, its cause they got a in street fight…

A couple stitches and one thrown-out blood stained shirt later, it´s about 6 a.m. Now, we go to another bar, which was really close to the ER. Why? Because it was Friday. After buying another drink, I realized that I was out of cash, ergo no more cabs. Which is bad because I didn´t think Sr. Headwound could make it home without staggering into a ditch. So, I walked him home, about 7ish in the morning, without realizing just how damn far away from everything his puta piso is…There were cows. Anyhow, I did the math as I walked through the bowels of Oviedo, and realized that copious amounts of alcohol, head wound, and blood loss was not a good combination. Ergo, I was going to have to watch his ass and make sure he didn´t die in the night. Ugh, fun fridays are not as fun when you have to crash at someone else´s place.

Cue the rantings from host mother–why didn´t you come home? Why didn´t you call me? Is your friend okay? I was worried…etc

And Saturday was fun, considering that I slept most of the day, went out and watched Jesse ¨get really drunk and shake his ass¨ under orders from Ximena. But it was a tame Saturday and I was asleep by 3:00.


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