Last Week Recap

For those of you who care, I have decided to finish up my story of the Spanish Adventure.

So finals week in Oviedo, it rocked. Basically I was done by Wednesday. In the interesting way of things, I rocked my Translation final–got a 9!!! Hells yes, I thought I was going to get a 7, that was how my grade had been going into the final. I guess those afternoons studying in KIN with Miguel and Ariel paid off. I’ll miss you Rodrigo, though apparently everyone feels the same way, as they continuously imitated your accent for the NEXT WEEK, ugh. Vocab studying was great. I love sitting in KIN and mocking Mike for an hour, under the pretext of studying medical vocab. Curses, cause of course Lorena used the term that Socha mentioned, and I promptly forgot.

After finals, we had to celebrate, which took the form of staying out till 6:30 am on Thursday night/Friday morning. Hung in Asturiano drinking Calimochos, many Calimochos. They kicked us out about 4-5, and we hung under the giant Paraguas, porque estaba lluviendo, as always. About 6ish, we decided to attempt a food run to Micky Ds, only to fail as nothing is open at “reasonable” hours (aka hours convienent for lazy Americans) in Spain. Hiked home, under my umbrella, and felt sorry for the umbrella-less drowned rats.

Friday night was my LAST night in Oviedo, so I had to go out, even though I had a morning train (it was at 11, no big). We all hung in Mater for one last night of sidra, so sad. I tried to sneak off with a glass as a momento, but when I had to chase Lindsay down outside, and promptly slipped and slid 10 feet down Gascona, the glass kinda shattered all over my purse. Sigh… Met up with loads of people later, though many weenies were going home early. Something lame about having to catch the bus at 6 a.m. I liked Chris’ idea: just stay up all night, sleep on the bus and the plane! Finished the night up at Diaro Roma, drinking beers and stacking them, 3 or 4 high. Got a bit of dancing in and made it back home in time for a nap before the train, which allowed for more napping.

Got to Madrid with minimal problems, though the passes were all covered with gorgeous snow. Spent Saturday shopping in Madrid and enjoying the freezing cold weather. Met up with my friend Jolene and hung in a bar until 2 a.m., which was a actually a very quiet night for us. Decided to attempt to find her house, which was way the hell out by the Palace, on the other side of the river, damn near froze to death in the process. Comfy couch.

Airline fun. Ugh, I despise my country’s airlines. Seriously, I had no problems at all. Repeat: NO PROBLEMS FLYING 5000 MILES! Watched movies and drank beer on the Scandanavian flight across the Atlantic–just barely hopped over the storm which stranded everyone in Europe. Even in O’Hare, where I had to deal with the clusterf**k of Customs and stupid security, no problems. Experienced culture shock dealing with the sounds of English and ugly American styles of dressing, ugh. Got back to Ptown about 11 pm and passed the eff out, after being up for about 24 hours straight.

Now, I’m back, no more European funness. Sigh, it was great while it lasted.


One thought on “Last Week Recap

  1. Good God Girl! what happenned to that shy retiring little granddaughter of mine. You have really come out of your shell and have an amazing style of writing and a vocabulary like a sailor. But I enjoy it. Love Grandma Rena

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