I am Covered in Sweat

Seriously, why the hell is it so hot here? It must have been 85 today and SOOO humid. And of course, Jeannette in all her brilliance decided to hike all the way across the city, bleh. And now I’m going out to eat cause I have nothing in my flat and none of the grocery stores are open today. F**k you Spain; I need to eat on Sundays.

All right, bitching over. Now, my life in Santiago has been hella awesome–where did I leave off last time? Oh yeah, so I’ve been searching for a piso for most of the week and just moved in yesterday! So nice to not be stuck in a hostel room full of smelly pilgrim feet. BTW readers, finding a flat in Spain is fairly easy, but requires a couple of days’ commitment. Mostly cause you have to figure out where to look; there’s no Spanish Craigslist where everyone posts; it’s all over the place. However, you CAN move in immediately and without showing any identification whatsoever. Yeah, that’s right. Mi duena (landlady) collected 360E from me in cash, gave me a receipt and my keys and I was golden! I don’t think she even knows my last name, haha.

I looked at 4 different places in total, one that was fabulous in its stereotypical old, creepy, European apartment qualities. I almost went with another flat with a Spanish girl I met online, but it was more expensive and we couldn’t have moved in until next week, and I wanted OUT of the hostel where I kept tripping over hiking boots.

So my new place is a 3-room flat with two other Spanish university students–right next to the Southern Campus. It’s on the 4th floor, which was special yesterday morning as I had to cart my 65 lb suitcase up ALL. THE. FREAKING. STAIRS.

Now, I have a crapload of storage for all my crap–yay. However, my bed lacks blankets.  (I may have possibly “borrowed” the sheets from the hostel) This morning I took my first ducha (shower) in the flat, only to discover that there was no hot water. Luckily it was 1 pm and starting to get toasty so I wasn’t too pissed. My roomie later informed me that I need to turn on the gas to get hot water–lovely lovely. Luckily I’ve cooked on a gas stove before, so I feel that my eyebrows are safe, unlike my roomies who are terrified of the stove and want it gone 😀

Now, regarding my non-piso-related life, I start work tomorrow and oh joy, I have to take a bus to Vila de Cruces. Something tells me that the buses in Galicia are crappy (that something being every Gallego I’ve talked to). Still, it should be hella fun. I’ll get to see the school and meet everyone. Espero que everyone speaks Spanish and not Galician, but if it’s the later, I’m so screwed.

Last night was characterized by a gathering at Rick’s piso, which was broken up by the cops at 2 a.m. Apparently noise complaints do exist in Spain, duly noted. But it’s Spain and the night doesn’t end at 2, so we took the grumpy cops as our cue to leave for the bars. We found a bar with a rather large, pony-tailed DJ, but there were tequila shots and tasty beers. After poor Rick got his hand slammed in the bathroom door (apparently the Spanish guys didn’t appreciate him leaving the stall door wide open) we moved on to a disco and danced for a nice long time. I eventually made it home, after following the boys out of the Old City until I actually knew where I was. It was about 5:30 a.m. and I proceeded to mock the world via Facebook, vastly amused by the fact that people were, at that very moment, starting their Saturday nights in Oregon.


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