Bureaucracy is a Pain in the Ass

Or in other news, water is wet!

Today I spent far too much time at the police station, waiting for the morons in charge to recognize that their system is ass-backwards. And no, this is not just my American-bitchyness speaking–I was with Maria Carmen, another teacher at my school, and she agreed that the entire set up was “un disastre.” I, on the other hand, was mentally using much stronger language.

Basically, I needed an NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero) to get a TIE (which is the Spanish version of a green card), to get a bank account, to get PAID. Parece como a lovely, streamlined process, no? HA! After waiting for half an hour, they called my number, gave me a form, and told me to fill it out. Plus, I had to leave the station, wander around Pontevedra (oh yeah, I couldn’t do any of this crap in Santiago, you know the city where I live, but had to go down to Pontevedra because it’s the capital of the county my school happens to be it) until I found a copy shop, and then make a copy of the puta thing. AND THEN, I had to get another number and wait AGAIN until they would help me. Woohoo, I freaking love bureaucracy.

But, now I have a NIE, will have  TIE and a bank account soon. Yay! In other news, I may have bought a six-pack of Mahou on the way home and may be planning to drink it all myself as consolation for dealing with the imbeciles de Galicia. Now, just don’t forget it’s in the freezer…


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