After several days of searching, I have found baking powder. Which is awesome because I made pancakes. And promptly devoured them. With copious amounts of Nutella. My life is good.

My companera Ana was super impressed by my baking abilities, which has translated into my offering to make her Chocolate Zucchini Cake because she is mystified by the idea of “making a cake out of a vegetable.” However, the idea of chocolate translates rather well, and I’m sure that I’ll be able to make this awesome cake very popular in Espana.

My pancakes (apparently known as “tortitas” in Spain) have sufficiently distracted me from the annoying fact that I still do not have a set work schedule, nor a bank account. Apparently going into a Spanish bank at 1:15 pm is too late, because they are slow. And close their doors at 2. And sweetly suggest I come back another day, meaning Monday cause nothing official is open ALL WEEKEND. Yay Spain!

In other news, I visited A Coruña today and hung out on the beach with amigas americanas. Basically, we got lost for a bit, hung on the beach after downing espresso (it was early), and discussed the possibility of a trip to Oviedo later this fall. There were some crazy people swimming, but when the agua is Oregon Coast temperatures, I’m not very inclined to jump in. But it was pretty–perhaps I’ll post pictures a bit later.



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