Highschool Freshmen are Universally Stupid*

First day of real work today–and I had to get up at 7 a.m. I already miss student life where “early morning” only meant I actually was awake for the a.m.

Hitched a ride into Villa de Cruces with Juan, who informed me that I’d be paying for my ride by speaking English with him–a fair trade I suppose 🙂

I introduced myself to several consecutive classes of English students, making the stupid mistake of thinking “fourth graders” means the same thing in Spain as it does in the US–yeah I had classes with 15-year-olds, not 9-year-olds 😀

However, the freshmen (third year in the instituto) were very familiar–they said dumb things, refused to speak English, and asked me if I drank, whisky, wine, and beer, consecutively. Ha. Plus there was the lovely flirtation between the two kids: he stole her pencil case and she drew ridiculous Sharpie tattoos on his arms.

Woohoo–this is gonna be a fun year, I can already tell.

*This is a statement in the vein of, “All men are stupid.” If any of y’all are actually freshmen and not stupid, don’t take it personally.


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