Why do you People Assume I was Arrested?!

Seriously, I say “Two trips to the police station down, one to go,” and everyone assumes I was in trouble with the law in Spain. Bite me 😛

What REALLY happened today was, I went to Pontevedra again, to get my TIE, I thought. In reality I just was ever so blessed to pay more fees, get fingerprinted, and was then informed that I could come back in six weeks to get my actual card. Oh Spain, your efficiency amazes me. I’m going to find some beer. Note: living in Spain means I can drown my sorrows from fighting the stupid government bureaucracy, and no one will judge me for drinking on a Monday afternoon. An advantage, I suppose.

I also had my first private lesson today, which was very fun. I teach three kids, ages 8-11, which means they know very little English. I found myself constantly saying, “pues, en español, dime.” trying to figure out what they wanted to say. I learned that boys like monkeys, and want to learn about cars–wow big surprise, not. Also, explained to the mother that she shouldn’t say, “I have three sons,” because people will be very confused when they meet her daughter.

Regarding my job, I am amused by the cultural differences, and I’ll let the anecdotes speak for themselves.

There’s a cafe-bar in the school basement, a fact that amuses me probably far more than it should.

My students find it hilarious to ask me about my drinking habits, normally in the vein of “do you like rum/beer/wine/whiskey?” The teachers don’t seem to give a crap, but will smack the unruly kids with their papers or notebooks.

If a teacher has a free period, they have to check in with all the classes, ensuring that all the teachers have actually shown up. Apparently, it often happens that they’ll end up substituting without ANY prior knowledge, cause someone just didn’t show up for work.

And on that note, I’m going to make dinner and go to bed. 8 a.m. comes far too early for this lazy post-college student.


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