Chestnuts Galore

Wow it has been a while since I’ve updated. Luckily for you, the adventures have been piling up and I have many lovely European stories to share.

So, in Galicia Halloween really isn’t a thing. Sure, some kids dress up, and the drunk college students love any excuse to dress up and drink (universal constant). However, my school decided to throw a party on October 27th, for Magosto a chestnut festival. Yeah, they celebrate chestnuts. Which is completely fine by me, as I didn’t have to work on Friday and hung around with the teachers and students, devouring chestnuts (yumminess). Also, I watched my coworkers kick ass at basketball, specifically the asses of the 12-year-olds. Sportsmanship? Nah, not quite as funny.

Best moments of the week, brought to you by IES Marco do Camballon (my school).

-Jeannette waiting in the dark, at 8 a.m., for her ride to work. And waiting. And waiting. And calling Juan after 15 minutes of waiting (in the rain I might add) to discover that he forgot about me. Note, it is now 1 month since I started working. Now, Juan usually practices his English with me, but due to the understandable desire to make fluent excuses for oneself, he lapsed into rapid Spanish, explaining why he’d forgotten me. I laughed and informed him I was going back to bed, was that okay? Yup, perfecto.

-Telling my coworkers about normal working hours for teachers in America, and watching the looks of absolute horror. “You have to get there at 7:30, EVERY day?” Oh and my personal favorite, “Why would a teacher stay after school to coach a football team?! When do you eat? When do you rest?”

-My realization that I could probably throw erasers at my students’ heads and not get in ANY trouble. And then deciding that I may one day do just that.

-Getting a coworker to explain, in detail, what “coñazo” actually means. I managed to keep an earnest look of innocent curiosity on my face the entire time, listening to him struggle to define a word that in usage means “what a bitch,” and by definition means vagina. Heehee, yay for making male coworkers uncomfortable.

I also went to Portugal this last weekend! Will make that another post, so wait and see. In other news, I’m attempting to get paid on time (ha!), and working on my NaNoWriMo novel. Will keep y’all updated as both Herculean endeavors progress.



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