I’ve been Eaten by my Novel

Yeah, I haven’t died or anything, don’t worry my lovelies. Only been Nano-ing this November and ergo have little time to type anything else. (Except 51-page, last minute projects. You know who you are :P)

Today at IES Marco do Camballon: I was listening to the teachers at our coffee hour, trying to follow a 10 person conversation in Spanish-Galician, which works about as well as could be expected. I usually understand 70% of the coversation. However, this time I was confused. Because I *thought* Ruben was talking about smoking weed and how well it works for his broken ankle (yeah, medical marijuana is legal here too, go figure). However, there’s been about 5,000 times this year that I’ve misunderstood  a few words in a conversation, words that drastically altered my perceived meaning of the entire conversation. So, I asked Juan, the only one in the group who functionally speaks English, what was being said. His response: Ruben’s talking about marijuana. Oh yeah, then Ruben started talking about his experience with setas…good thing I just learned that word last week.

But now, I must run errands and work on the novel. As of now, I am at 16,000 words and I need 26,000.


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