Oviedo I love you!!

As much as I love Santiago, I had to take advantage of the weekend to roadtrip back to my old stomping grounds–Oviedo!! Yeah, the bus is way too long, but completely worth it for the experience of drinking sidra again, as well as visiting Calle Món!

I arrived Saturday and promptly went searching for my accommodations, i.e. the couch that I was crashing on. Luckily, Alena my host was home and very welcoming. We drank tons of coffee while I chatted with her roommates in Spanish, learning that their other housemate has a crazy French girlfriend. Crazy French people is fast becoming a theme in Spain, I wonder why…

Alena told me that she had a date and couldn’t take me out, sadly. However, I know Oviedo and finding fiestas is hardly difficult. Plus Tessa, my partner in crime from Santiago, was also visiting. So the evening began in a tapas bar that is aptly named LaMásBarata (The most cheap) with a pitcher of sangria! Skip ahead to midnight-ish and I found myself in a typical Oviedo bar, drinking tequila shots and Tocamelos. Reminds me of last time, in part because Spanish guys were paying for them, again! I love Oviedo…

At some point, we found a Batman-themed bar. Yeah, that’s right. The drinks were terribly sweet and I began avoiding the pitchers that my new friends were passing around. This merely resulted in the guys drinking straight out of the pitchers, daring one and another to drink more and more. At some point we moved on, only to realize one of the boys was refusing to leave the bar–only not quite. He’d been tied to the door. Tied to the door, with the string of his backpack. Demasiado tequila and other things meant there was no chance in hell he was going to escape, so I attempted to rescue him.

The night wound on, until about 3-4 a.m. we decided to wander up the hill. And then I smelled bocadillos and made a beeline for the shop, completely ditching my friends. Since I didn’t get an annoyed phone call, I assumed they were fine and wandered back to my couch, toasty sandwich in hand. It was amazingly yummy, I might add.

For the remainder of my time in Oviedo, I explored the city, drank coffees, and loads of sidra! I really need to find a place that sells sidra in Galicia…

(For further information on Jeannette’s adventures on Calle Món in 2009, please see this, this and this)


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