Traveling for a Week: How much of Cataluna can I see?

I managed to dodge the Galician rain for a good part of a week while on holiday. Yay me, and yay for Cataluna sun!
My time in Barcelona was fun as always. I explored the interior of the Sagrada Familia, which resembles a giant marble forest with Alambra-like geometric designs on the ceiling. I also managed to do the incredible and go shopping everywhere without buying a thing. Yeah, unbelievable I know.

I took a day trip to Figueres for the singular purpose of seeing the Dalí museum. The roof is covered in giant eggs, there´s a foliage-covered car in the central area, and an entire room has been converted into a woman’s face. And those are the obvious bits of crazy.

To continue my Dalí obsession, we also traveled to Cadaques, where the buildings are all painted white and the Mediterrean sea (even in December) is gorgeous. Dalí comes into the picture because he built a house on the outskirts of the town, covered the roof in eggs, a creepy pair of faces, and a statue of himeself. The house itself is apparently full of all the random crap that you would imagine of Dali, but I was too cheap to pay the ridiculous entrance fee. (I wanted to actually afford food that week).

Also on the list was Girona, with gorgeous giant cathedrals, and Tarragona, covered in beautiful Roman ruins. I should have pictures up soon.


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