My day began with a dream of French fries–a dream that was rudely interrupted by the loud ringing of my phone. It was Stephanie, grumpily informing me that I was 15 minutes late and I’d better haul my ass down to the train station ASAP or they were going to leave without me. So, calling on my college student habit of being able to jump out of bed, dress (sort of), and get down the stairs in 30 seconds, I raced down the street, hauling my purse and the roadmap of Galicia (this map was the only reason my friends were waiting. And the fact that they were still signing papers to rent the car). So began my roadtrip to the end of the world.

Backstory: Finisterra is a cute little coastal town at the end of the Camino de Santiago. And according to the Romans, it was the end of the world–hence the name.

The drive itself was amazing, mostly because the ever-present Galician rain decided to hold off, for a while. We drove past several amazing beaches and many cute little towns before we finally found Finisterra. Also worth noting, we bought lunch at a sketchy little grocery store which I think was actually this family’s converted garage. However, they made us sandwiches.

At the cape, we had a picnic on the edge of a cliff. But no worries, no one died. While snapping pictures and devouring olives, we were interrupted by some nosy American tourists. Apparently our accents were echoing across the parking lot and they wanted to come say hi. After exploring the coast, getting rained on by a freak rain storm, and finding disgusting abandoned clothes (oh yeah, it’s a tradition to abandon your hiking boots at the end of the camino. However, I’m not sure how that translates to leaving a gross sleeping bag, or your pants), we discovered a café.

I considered ordering several straight shots of espresso at the café, but the caffeine didn’t really help with my sleepiness.








So when we made it back to the car, I snoozed for a bit before exploring the next beach. This beach had about a million beautiful shells, plenty of strange pieces of clothing that pilgrims had abandoned, and boats for us to play in.

And then I slept for the entire drive back, missing a stop at a restaurant where Josh got a Coke-bath, missing a quick beach stop where Josh tried to eat a jellyfish (notice a theme here?)

Disclaimer: This entire roadtrip, I was completely exhausted and hungover. Damn you café liquor.


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