A Santiago Christmas

Well I am all kinds of backlogged here. Expect several rapid blog posts as I procrastinate preparing my lessons for the new term.

First, Christmas in Santiago. Some of us decided to stay in Santiago for Christmas (read: too broke to travel anywhere until our paychecks came in on the 31st). So we managed a days-long series of festivities, mostly involving an ungodly amount of food (and wine).

On the 23rd, there was a Hanukkah party with loads of food, the remainder of my Christmas cookies, and dreidel. On Christmas Eve itself, we gathered at Fabian’s house out in the boonies of Santiago for a holiday sleepover. After devouring gnochi, chicken, and way too much other food-yumminess, Quila and I sewed stockings (because just going to the Chino and buying them would have been too simple). We watched Elf (still ridiculous, but somehow tolerable on Christmas Eve), and crashed on Fabian’s numerous couches.

 I woke up on Christmas morning to find out that Santa had come! Our stockings were filled with oranges and little presents. Note: I first found out about Santa because “he” had hung a stocking on the bathroom door and I’d tried to close the door on it. I also, aptly, got a purple umbrella–perfect for when I inevitably break my pink one in the ridiculous Santiago wind.

In the midst of devouring Christmas breakfast (and mimosas, yum yum), watching stupid British Tv shows and reading DH Lawrence, lounging on the couch in my beer T-shirt, and other assorted productive activities, I managed to Skype the familia. Thanks Dad, for snorting and making insinuations about my “sleepover.”

We then picked up and moved to Quila’s for tacos and more movies–with me nerding out to the early 20th century authors, especially the depiction of crazy Dali and his mustache 😀

After Christmas, I had a couple days of relaxing until the trip to Madrid and craziness ensued.


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