Spanish Lessons, or My Problems with Gender

So, I’ve finally broken down and admitted that I need to have a teacher, of sorts, to help me improve my Spanish. I get along just fine, but I’d really like to walk around Galicia without the “Stupid foreigner” sign hovering over my head. In other words, I can pass for a Galega, until I open my mouth. And then it becomes painfully obvious that I’m foreign, and probably an English-speaker. Yeah, I might be a perfectionist, what of it?

To remedy this situation, I found Xacobe, who is basically doing what I do, but in reverse. He’s a Spanish teacher for people who want to learn the language. Which means, we sit around and talk, and he corrects all my errors–exactly what I do in my private classes, minus the drinking beers.

My Spanish errors mainfully center on screwing up the gender of nouns. For those of you who slept through high school Spanish class, all nouns in Spanish are male or female. Which means “the” can be either el or la or los or las (confused yet?). Which also means that adjectives change depending on the gender of said noun. In conclusion, I routinely f**k this up and get amused looks from Xacobe.

Much to my annoyance, too many years of Spanish class does not mean I am perfectly fluent. In fact, quiet the opposite. However, this is why I’m renewing my contract and coming back to Spain next year!

Yep, that’s right. I’m staying in Galicia another year, to learn more Galego, and spend more time drinnking beer…err, enjoying Spanish culture. Yeah, that’s the euphemism I wanted!


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