A couple weeks ago, I decided to hop a bus to Salamanca with my lovelies from Galicia Sharing Galicia. Cue weekend full of drinking…I mean looking at old buildings! Yeah, that’s it.
Of course, the very planning of this trip was a bit problematic as I usually work on Fridays (damn!). However, because this is Spain, a simple phone call took care of matters, cough cough.

We arrived in Salamanca to be greeted by yummy tapas bars and cheap beers, my favorite. After stuffing my face on tapas for dinner, I somehow ended up in a chupiteria, which always ends well, hahaha. I tried to order some spicy tequila shot, but the universe was conspiring against my tequila consumption and they were sold old (in Spain, go figure). However, we did make it to an awesome bar with the best drinking special ever—3€ for all-you-can-drink beers! Heeheehee. At this point, Fearless Leader made sure that everyone had the address of the hostel written down somewhere. As he put it, slurring “el hose…hostah, yeah” at a taxi driver doesn’t really help anyone.

At some point that night, we made it to another dance club, I think. However, around 5ish we began wandering the Salamanca streets in search of food. Our Fearless Leader Dani shoved his way into a Doner Kabab that was just closing and managed to get us a bunch of french fries, though I think the owners were deeply considering chucking us out on our drunk asses. Got back to the hostel at some ungodly hour, which was fine because I planned on dinking around in the city the next day, and not traveling to Avila unlike my poor to-be-hungover friends.

Saturday was fun and uneventful. I explored the city, saw the Ranita on the university wall, and walked on some grass that I shouldn’t have. Oh yeah, the Ranita is a tiny stone frog that supposedly ensures Salamancan students will pass their exams if they can find it on the university wall without any help. Salamanca is the oldest “university” on the entire continent. This means it was the first place to use that name in the days before university was synonymous with ” institution filled with drunks who ignore their books in favor of cheap beer.” This also means that Salamanca has a 700+ year collection of bars, woohoo!

Night 2 started with everyone invading the basement of a restaurant and devouring food, while simultaneously drinking a TON of the wine (all-you-can-drink again, I sense a theme). We then moved on to another shot bar, bwahaha! This place had yummy 1€ drinks so I was content 😀 I then made it to another couple dance places, sang “I’m on a Boat” very loudly, and watched my friends try to affix a sticker to the decorative cherub on the bar walls. That didn’t go over well for some reason.

Sunday we said goodbye to the city, drove back to Galicia and promptly got lost in the city of Orense while looking for the hotsprings. Lucky for our brilliant leaders, Anne Sophie and I had actually been to the place before, and could point out that a) we were on the wrong side of the river, and b) we wanted to go east, not west.


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