Putos Bichos…

So, for those of you following the bed bug saga of Santiago, I am free! FREE! Far away from the little bichos and their nasty infestation!

Last week, my landlady tried to con me into paying for the exterminator. One, no way in hell was that going to happen. Two, I have no money to pay an exterminator. Three, I was not paying to remove the bichos when I had about 6 weeks left in the apartment. This battle then turned passive agressive, with Irene the Landlady telling me that I then had to move out so she could fumigate in peace. Whatever…moving away from the bugs is such a terrible punishment.

Luckily for me, my friend Quila had a room open up that exact week. As in, on Saturday her roommate left and I moved into the open room. The Gallego landlords were delighted, naturally, because they hadn’t expected to find someone to take over the lease so late in the school year. In fact, after failing to pronounce my name about 20 times, they told me I could pay them on the 1st, and that they didn’t need a deposit! Yay Spain! So, this past weekend, I spent too much time scrubbing my posessions, throwing out my useless junk, and hauling shit across the Santiago city, while looking around in paranoia for any more chinches. Didn’t find them, lucky for me.

So I am currently installed in a new flat, one without an oven or a hot water heater that works for more than 2 minutes at a time, but one that also is lacking in the bichos department. YAY!


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