Packing, Planning, Crying

I seriously have less than a week until I leave Santiago for Madrid (to collect my lovely hermanita and rescue her from the evil airport). And in that time I have to pack up all of my accumulated crap, clean the apartment, and plan the majority of mine and Rae’s Eurotrip. I mean, I guess I could let Rach do some of the work, but considering the possible consequences (having to sleep on the beach), I’d rather not 🙂

So I have a to do list a couple pages long, bouts of annoyance that I’m voluntary leaving my beloved Galicia for the summer (best weather of the year and the biggest parties–I mean they have a bonfire-themed festival, come on!!).

Still, the chaos of our Eurotrip will be phenomenal. I haven’t travelled for a month-long run since 2009 (when the purple backpack and I started our adventures). Since I like to brag out my travels, here’s the tentative itinerary:

June 4th: Save Rachael from the Madrid Airport, spend 2 days in the city.

June 6th: After sleeping in the airport (yay), fly to Paris, let the amazingness of expensive French stuff begin!

June 12th: Fly to Milan, explore pretty fashion things, drink wine.

June 13th: Hop over to Verona, see Romeo and Juliet house, shop, drink wine.

June 14-15: Venice, try to flirt with the cute gondoliers (they’re really rare, actually).

June 16: ?Explore Italian prettiness, some cool wine country and lakes, start moving north.

June 17: Invade Bavaria, drink beer. And you know, do things, and stuff… In Munich and the surrounding area.

June 21st: Fly from Munich Cow Town Airport to Barcelona, start living in the bathing suit.

June 24: ? Go visit Girona, maybe see Cadaques and Figueres, other small beach towns in Cataluña.

June 26: ?Fly back to Santiago, eat octopus, drink coffee and liquor café, visit galician beaches, have sad goodbyes and collect my shit.

July 1?2: Train to Madrid, catch our breath, do some last minute shopping.

Sounds epic, no? I can’t wait, hurry up Rae!!


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