Three Countries in 24 Hours

Yeah, we were in 3 different countries in 1 day. The fact that I can even write that sentence is proof of how awesome Europe is.
We started out from Verona, with Paul finding the only Italian waiter in the province who happened to speak German (okay, maybe not so weird considering how many German tourists there are). He then proceeded to order his Italian coffees in German. In another example of my not understanding a word that’s said but completely understanding the meaning, I watched said Italian waiter give Paul bro props for being with 2 cute American girls.
After drinking way too much Italian coffee, we hopped into the car and headed north toward the Alps. While Rae napped in the backseat, I drooled over pretty mountains and mocked Paul’s overly helpful GPS.

When we crossed the Austrian border there was just a sign, not even a tiny checkpoint. Rae is slightly depressed about not getting any stamps in her passport. I think that after 5 different countries and 4 international European flights she only got stamped in the Madrid airport. How sad…

We stopped in Innsbruck and got a lovely close-up view of the Alps, and wandered around the city, sweating and nearly dying of heat stroke before hiding from the sun. I saw some freaks and weirdos (think pirate costumes and a lot of hot pink) as well as a wedding parade.
Austria has apparently recognized that much of the world is shit at geography and has a running joke about their lack of kangaroos—you know because Australia and Austria are very confusable.
And then to round out the day, we crossed over into Germany (after the GPS sent us off into the backroads to avoid a supposed traffic jam) and there, I re-introduced myself to some German beers.
You see, 3 countries in 1 day—it’s completely doable!


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